Friday, December 04, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Day 4

Jammy Day!

Nursery school was having jammie day, so I figured it only logical to make it our jammie day too. We had to go to Grandma's for the afternoon, and I didn't want to bring any craft stuff over, so we just stayed in our pjs all day. Well, I should be sure to mention that I'm in my pjs here, but I got changed and it was only Carson who stayed in them all day :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! I'll be stealing this one for next year. Mind you, most weekends are jammy day here :-)

Sonya said...

Gosh, he is SO freaking cute. And you are so freaking beautiful! Who looks like that in their pajamas anyway? You look like you belong on the cover of a magazine. Gorgeous.:)