Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Challenge

I had my original post about the Christmas challenge, but I guess it got deleted somehow. Now that it's already started I can't really remember what I said about it.

The idea came from Andrea over at a peek inside the fishbowl, who thought up this superb idea! I thought it was a great idea, to get the kids excited for Christmas, and a good way to introduce the Christmas season to them, not focusing solely on Christmas Day. I'm sure my ideas will change and evolve as each year goes on and the kids get older, but here it is so far:

I've looked at other lists and borowed some ideas from there too....

1 – Celebrate Carson's birthday. Open up Advent calendar
2 - Write letter to santa and mail it
3- Make a gingerbread house
4 – Make Christmas tree craft
5 – Go get our Christmas tree
6- Decorate the Christmas tree
7 – Make paper snowflakes and hang them on the window
8 – Invite Nono and Grandma for breakfast
9 – Visit Santa at the mall
10 – PJ day! Watch Christmas specials & sing songs
11- make a snowman (if there's snow)
12 - listen to Christmas music and dance (Frosty the snowman song and craft)
13 – Do a Christmas craft
14 - Dessert for supper, supper for dessert
15 – Take a bus ride on an adventure!
16 – Bring Snow in the house to play in a bucket. Put some in the freezer, some in the fridge. What happens?
17 – Make a list of 10 things we are thankful for. Hang it where we can see it on the Christmas tree
18 – Have a hot chocolate date
19 - have a snowball fight
20 - Make Christmas treast & have friends over to eat them!
21- Take a drive to see the Christmas lights
22- Play Christmas hide and seek with a Christmas bear! Can you find him?
23- Make Christmas cookies and bring them into Daddy's work
24- Open a Christmas present (Mom and Daddy get to choose which one)
25 - Spend Christmas Day with family and friends!

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Christine said...

Love it! Have fun, I hope it goes better than ours has started, LOL.