Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not sure what to do about my blog...

Up till now, this blog has been 100% Carson.

Now - do I start a new blog for baby two? Do I try to keep two up and going? With two kids? I doubt that's going to happen. I suppose it's normal for the second child to never have anything that is completely theirs so maybe I can talk about both kids on this? Sorry baby two.

Anyways, this pregnancy is fabulous compared to my first one. And this baby moves INSANE amounts compared to Carson. It makes me worried for the type of child he's going to be :)

I'll get Jeff to post a picture of me soon, I just need to face the camera (not the easiest thing for me to do when I'm GAINING weight), but I will. Our last appointment the baby was measuring perfectly and my doctor said I was one of his easiest patients. Still trying to decide on a vbac versus another section - I think I'm coming closer to a decision, but I don't want to hear other people's opinion (unless I ask, I've spoken to some very reliable people who I trust) and I think I'm coming around now. Anyways, you'll know once it's done (hehe I'll probably let it spill beforehand).

I have to stop googling all kinds of cute baby boy things, I never got to prepare beforehand because even though I knew Carson was a boy, it wasn't actually confirmed so I had to wait until he was born, but now that I KNOW he's a boy - ooohhh the damage I can do!

Oh, and in regards to that... I'm not sure which way I enjoyed more, knowing or not knowing. I think if/when there is a third, I will keep it as a surprise again. Anyways, the pregnancy-tired stage has set in, so it's almost bed time for me.

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Malinda said...

I have a suggestion. Why not make what you have to date + some extra pictures and stories from family or friends into a book. Then you can continue with the blog and after your newest edition turns 2 you can make another book of the blog for the last two years... maybe make it the story of the growing family vs. a baby book/blog for one child and then the second, if/and/or the third, you could put the blog to print every two years.

the best book site I've found to date... I'm actually going to be using them for some of my photo books for clients Blurb.. here's it the link to their "blog book" ideas to give you a visual of what you could do with yours..