Thursday, March 26, 2009


The way Carson says crocodile tears. I have to get it on video. Last night I thought he was saying "I go downstairs" and it was right before bed so i was thinking to myself - like heck you are. But then he climbed into bed with a book and seconds later I realized it was his Crocodile Tears book and then he said mommy read crocodile tears. Although when he asks me to read it, he doesn't really want me to. He's very into reading books himself these days. It's hilarious. He flips through the pages and says a few random words from the page (no, I'm not trying to say he's reading, I know it's from memory). Anyways, all that to say I love the way he says crocodile tears.


desajair said...

That toddler reading books thing is the best--Kailey ends every story with "the end". So cute.

Loukia said...

Aren't they just precious? Their little words! :) My 3 year old is book obsessed. Loved books since he was a baby... my 1 year old, however, does not sit still for more then 1 book!