Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting anxious for spring

I'm at home today with Carson, who has a fever of 101. Nothing too high, but hot enough to keep him home. His mood doesn't seem to be any different so I'm thinking maybe it's just teething (honestly I thought that would be done at 27 months! but he' sstill waiting for his last two molars).

We've been keeping ourselves busy, mostly playing with Sofia, Ethan and Isabelle, as it seems all his other friends are sick.

Here's Sofia trying to kiss Carson..

At an indoor playground...

This is how Carson sleeps at night. He has to sleep completely on his pillow, I guess my plan to get rid of the body pillow and replacign it with a regular one isn't going to happen anytime soon.

And just a close up of my beautiful little boy.

We have our next ultrasound on Wednesday and I'll happily report back whether Carson will be expecting a little sister or brother. If anyone remembers, we didn't find out if Carson was a boy or girl, so this is new to us. I think part of it is that I was convinced that Carson was a boy the whole time I was pregnant so I didn't need for someone to confirm my feelings. This time around I haven't a clue what I'm carrying and I'm anxious to know. Hopefully number two will cooperate and not be coy.


Christy Ann said...

Your little man is so handsome. And I can't wait to find out about the new one... so exciting! I'm predicting a boy!

desajair said...

OK--my turn for marching orders--I NEED to know when you know what it is!!!!

Carson is so adorable.