Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We are now the proud owners of a 2 year old!

I can't even begin to describe how quickly the past two years have flown by. It seems like just yesterday Carson was a little baby sleeping in my arms all day long. Now he's a full fledged toddler, constantly running around with a mind completely his own.

He's such a sweet boy, he pats his animals and "dolls" on the back and holds them so very gently (if he's not throwing them on the ground) and then puts his toys (stuffed animals, cars, pillows, diggers... anything really) to sleep under his "cozy cozy blanket" and says sssshhhh, the car is sleeping mommy. He gives unsolicited hugs and kisses and is constantly climbing all over me. When anyone comes over that he's excited about, he runs over to me, in full force to me and jumps on me and starts yelling whomever's name. He's so very excited each night when Jeff comes home from work. We try to hide, but Carson can't contain his excitement and lets his Dad know exactly where he is.

He is constantly going on about the cars and trucks. The trucks are very big, the cars are going very very fast (nodding his head so quickly as he says it). About ten times a day he'll tell you to watch out cause there's a car coming. He knows his diggers from his tractors, his cranes from his forklifts, his vans from his cars, his scrapers from his graders.

He has an amazing vocabulary and most times is able to tell us exactly how he feels. Whether he's hungry, tired, cold, happy, sad, excited and most recently... when he does NOT want to do something. He lets you know what he wants to do, what he wants to eat, where he wants to go, (and see above... where he does NOT want to go).

He continues to amaze me, on a daily basis. The things he says, the things he does, the way he tells his big long stories. He loves saying his numbers and his letters (not to be confused with the abalet (alphabet) which means Jeff or I has to sing the alphabet song). He can get through the majority of the alphabet (sometimes skipping from C to F or from F to K) but if you get him back on track he'll keep going.

He loves his family too, we always talk about his whole family, show him all the pictures on our frdige, especially of those far away so that he knows exactly who is who. This past week every morning when we asked him where he was going (expecting him to say his caregiver's house) he wanted so desperately to go see Ethan and Isabelle. He picks up the phone and asks to call Grandma, Grammy or Grampy. He teases Jeff, by calling him Jeff.

If someone told me, two years ago, that I could love a child this much, I wouldn't have believed them. I miss him when I'm not with him (although as many normal parents, appreciate the time away) and yet I'm excited to see him at the end of a day of work. He is always the first and foremost thing that I'm thinking about and sometimes I get excited in the morning when he wakes up so I can get some snuggles.

He's absolutely gorgeus too. He has an amazing smile and his eyes twinkle. He looks at you out of the corner of his eye, he purposely avoids your eyes when he knows you're trying to get him to pay attention to you, with his lips showing the slightest bit of a smile. The three of us are the best little family ever, we just work so well together.

My life has changed, for the better, he's made both Jeff and I better people. I couldn't imagine my life without him and am looking forward to the next two years and all that he has to learn, and all that he has to teach us.

Happy Birthday Carson, we love you.

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