Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bizzy Bizzy day

Today is Christmas Eve. I took Carson to work for the morning. He was a hit. He was running up and down the hallways, pointing out the orange triangles, green squares, purple rectangles, and red ovals (someone said circle and he corrected them and told them it was an oval). He ran into people's cubicles to say Merry Christmas and even into the CFO's office and yelled Daddy (he's an older man with grey hair, not sure where the association came from?).

We went to the Christmas food table and he wanted only 6 carrots and one timbit. He was told what a good healthy child he was (heh, little do they know). The comissionaire offered him a cookie, he said thanks, he was told he was a good looking boy and again, he once again he corrected them and said "i daddy's special boy". I'll have to take a recording of him saying special boy, it's music to Jeff's ears and it's simply adorable.

He chased balloons, was taken for a ride on a dolly thing (that was then decorated with bells, reindeers and a santa) and paraded through the hallways. There were a ton of other children there, but he would rather visit with the adults then play in the kid's christmas room.

Then we went to visit his Daddy at work, where he ran around into everyone's office and again made a ton of friends. Jeff had to show off his letter skills, he just looks at the walls, at posters, at signs, anything with letters and starts saying what each letter is. If he knows words tht the letter starts with, he says those too. Some of his favourite are G for Grandma, M for Mommy, D for Daddy, N for Nono, E for elephant and of course, Z for Zamboni (which today was actually an N sideways, but I thought he was too young to try and explain that).

We got home an hour past his naptime, he stayed awake the whole time in the car and as soon as I got him out of his carseat, he laid his head down on my shoulder and went to sleep. Until 5 seconds later and we were inside, he opened his eyes, whipped his head to the christmas tree and said "put lights on christmas tree". I read him two books and then he was out like a light. That was two hours ago. Little boog is getting a good sleep. He'll need it for the chaos that will ensue tomorrow!

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