Friday, August 22, 2008

Not sure how I feel about it...

Yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Carson, they were having storytime. I opened the door and Carson started to cry and walk to the other side of the room from me. He didn't want to leave!

I heard it happens. I knew it would happen one day. But ouch....

(Honestly I'm happy, because it just goes to show how much he loves it there)
(But, I'm his mom! He should always choose me first)

OH! Carson got a wasp bite when we were in PEI. We were leaving the Superstore, walking across the parking lot. I was carrying Carson and all of a sudden he started to cry and I look at him and see this bloody wasp attached to his wrist. I flicked it off (it held on tight!) and the stinger was stuck in his wrist. We got it out (didn't squeeze it, it was long enough we could just pull it) and after a few minutes of crying (more like the ouch whining?) we got into the car and he was fine. He kept touching his wrist and I asked him to show it to me every 5 minutes or so, and there was a bump for a few minutes but then it disappeared and he never "mentioned" it again.

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