Monday, August 25, 2008


I made a quick trip to Costco today (I got sent home from work, our building lost power!) and have been wanting to get Carson a pillow for his bed as he's loving pillows these days. Gets onto our bed, puts his head down on my pillow and then pats the pillow beside him and says lie down. Then if you don't do it right away, he gets quite convincing (read: whines) and gets you to lie down.

Anyways, I saw the perfect pillow. Ok, so it's not a normal pillow. But I called Jeff to see if he could talk me about of buying it, but he failed, but made me promise to not give it to him until he came home. So home it came. I tried to hide it from him (I obviously didn't pick a good enough spot because he found it) and when he found it, he started laughing hysterically, hugging it, rolling around on the ground with it... it was definitely worth the $17.

The problem? Now he won't put it down. The proof.

Don't let his smile fool you, he's just smiling because I asked him to. He had a bite of one of the carrots (from Jeff's garden!) and one bite of roast pork and wouldn't eat anything else, that's all he had for dinner! Argh....I would love, for one night, to have one of those kids that will eat anything.


Christy_Ann said...

OMG - totally cute! It sounds like he is talking so much too! Re: food. I think it's great Carson eats carrots. Guy's never eaten a single carrot - or any other vegetable - in his whole life. I have to disguise them into meatballs etc. xxxx

CrYs said...

soo cute.. i can't believe how big carson has gotten! hope all's well.. hugs from NS!

Anonymous said...