Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home sweet home

Back into the swing of things around here. Carson got rather spoiled on vacation, he had constant attention by his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. He had ice cream, deep fried clams, crackers until his heart's content and lots of chicken nuggets. Around here, he has our constant attention but I think he misses the food in PEI because he's on somewhat of a hunger strike. Even our caregiver mentioned that he's not really eating. He has 2 or 3 bites of each meal and that's it. It's slowly picking up again, and I know they say kids won't starve themselves but still, I get a little stressed over it.

The past week or so, he's changed. He makes different voices, says words differently, acts differently - it's all wonderful changes, but it's so evident that he's growing up. He just keeps changing, right when I think I know all he can do - he surprises me. And does something else. And it blows my mind.

I'm rather happy to report that after 2 weeks vacation, he was a little shy with his caregiver and was sneaking smiles at her, and after a few minutes, it was like he had never left. He LOVES her (asks about her on the weekends, and in the morning when you ask if he wants to go, he goes to the front door to get his shoes on). Makes me very happy. I showed up today a little late and he was sitting in a circle with the other kids (two more started part time, so now there are 5 kids in total) listening to her read a book, his mouth was open and he was just staring at her... he LOVES stories.

It's insane. In PEI, we were all sharing a room so storytime took place on the bed (normally at home it was always in the chair in his bedroom). When we got home, the first night i put him to bed and when I went to sit down in the chair he started yelling and ran out of his room and into my room. He was saying bed (I thought he was saying bath and it took me a while to clue in). Now story time takes place in mommy and daddy's bed. Maybe it's time to put the chair in storage until baby number 2.

Anyways, here's a picture. Look at him, doesn't he look older? Maybe it's just the warmer clothes (the mornings are rather chilly here in Ottawa this week)

And, he was quite happy to get back to all his cars. He always has about 2 or 3 with him (if you peek on him sleeping at night he's sure to have one car grasped in his hand). Now they all live on his table and he'll play with them for hours on end (ok, a total exageration, but you know what I mean). He started kneeling at the table (Grandma taught him that here, but he started doing it all the time in PEI), so now he gets onto his small chairs and kneels and today I caught him standing on them. And trying to walk from one chair to another. He obviously tried something like that while I was making dinner cause I heard the chairs fall and then he cried. I hate when something happens and I'm not watching, because I can't see exactly where he hit himself so I don't know where to look for injuries!

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