Saturday, July 12, 2008

When is it TOO much

Carson loves his naptime and bedtime. We always ask him to pick two cars or books to bring to bed with him.

Today he seemed to be stalling a bit, so when I asked him to pick out what he wanted to bring to bed with him, he picked the two biggest things he could carry.

I'm also proudly reporting that he can identify a square, a heart and a star in his shapes book. Wednesday I took him outside in the rain and he looked at the woman across the street and said umbrella. Loud and clear. It's amazing how many words he can say, and every day one just pops out. He's picking up on everything we say these days.

Thursday morning he woke up crying and when Jeff went into his room he was pointing at his change table saying bum bum bum. Sure enough he had a diaper full of bad stuff!

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