Friday, July 11, 2008

Just to mark-ish the date

When Carson had the flu, we didn't give him any milk for the day. Thus, no bottle. The next night, he didn't ask for it, so we didn't give it to him. Same with the following two nights.

There goes my stress about how/when to take away his bottle!

Until last night. He was sobbing for his bottle. So I went and filled it up for him, he was so happy, which made me happy.

Tonight after exhuasting himself at Chapters with the Thomas the Train table, he didn't want his bottle again. I figure I'll let him call the shots and let us know when he does and doesn't want it. Like everything else, he will wean himself off when he's good and ready. I just don't like seeing 2+ year olds with bottles hanging out of their mouths (my feeling about soothers as well, thank goodness Carson only took one for about a month).

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desajair said...

Oh I'm with you there--I hate soothers! I wouldn't worry about the bottle though, at least, it's only at night right? So little of chance of it ever hanging out of his mouth.