Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doc appt

Weight: 27 lbs 10 oz (this is with a wet diaper, while holding a full sippy cup of milk and a truck), so I'm thinking it's like 27 lbs (seeing as the sippy cup holds 10 oz of milk...)

Height: 33 1/4 inches (but we all know how accurate the measurements of height are! When they are two they stand up to get measured which will be way more accurate)

He screamed. And he screamed. This was just when the doctor was examining him. It's never been this bad. I think he screamed louder then I've ever heard him. It was heartbreaking. I got the immunizations too, I voiced my desire to stagger them but asked his opinion and he said it doesn't really matter, there's no data to show it's beneficial to stagger them. Plus, he said no more needles until he's 4. So I figured if I got them done today, I don't have to worry about them for another 2+years. He screamed when he got the needles. I think it was more the nurse then the actual needle though (she was super nice, I just mean the fact that a stranger was coming that close to him, same with the doctor).

He's growing well, perfect growth curve, perfect vocabulary for his age, I answered "yes" to all the questions asked (without lying, I promise!).

Thank goodness no more appts for a while... until he turns 2! Which I suppose isn't all that far away....

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