Saturday, June 05, 2010

First day of Soccer

Carson has been looking forward to this morning for quite a while now. It was his first soccer practice!

Whoops, we went to the wrong field - we have two fields, one behind us and one at the end of our street, we assumed it was the one behind our house but it was the other one. This is why you will see pictures of him in two different jerseys. The right class is better though because two of his friends, Nate and Cameron are in that one!)

He had a ton of fun although he did find the class a little too long. When there was about 10 minutes left he was ready to go. It doesn't help there are parks surrounding the field and after he did his soccer thing he just wanted to go play. But it was definitely a success and are looking forward to a fun-filled soccer summer.

And I caught a little video of him kicking the ball around, he shows promise, doesn't he?


Christy Ann said...

Cute as ever! Guy finds his soccer training class a bit too long too...

Anonymous said...

So fun! And so it begins. Life will never be the same now that you've entered the world of organized sport.

Teresa said...

My kids use to play soccer too. So cute. Enjoy your time on the field.

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