Friday, August 27, 2010

I hate goodbyes

I first started writing this blog because I loved to write, I had entered a new stage in my life (pregnancy) and I wanted somewhere to remember it all.

As time went on, I told people about it (mostly family) and soon more people were reading it, I knew my mother-in-law, mother, sister-in-laws, cousins, brother in laws, siblings, friends, would comment, send me emails about what I said, talk about the pictures I posted, it made me happy to know people were reading it.

My mom's best friend who she's known since she was 17, my Auntie Korkie, LOVED reading it. She would check it first thing in the morning. Every time I talked to her, she'd say "Oh Christy I just love your blog, I love hearing you talk about your kids, I love seeing the pictures". My mom would say to me "Oh Auntie Korkie just loves your blog, she reads it all the time".

My Auntie Korkie got sick. Then she got better. Then she got sick again.

This morning my Auntie Korkie passed away. I said goodbye to her last night, I told her I would update my blog for her. Whenever I write here, I will think of her and know that I can just talk to her about my boys and she will hear me. When I think of her and look at my kids, she will see them.

I love you Auntie Korkie and you will be greatly missed.



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