Friday, June 11, 2010

Typical second child

Getting processed sugar before he's 1. I bet I won't make the Top Ten Moms of 2010! But it was a nice day. And Carson was having a popsicle and Beckett was trying his best to get a bite, so I gave him mine.

Carson finally got the pedalling thing down a couple of weeks ago. Sure it's on a tricycle, but still, this is very exciting for him! Hoping to move onto a big boy's bike in a few weeks. And you should hear him squeal when you tell him you're taking him to the park and he's riding his bike there. We are super proud :)

We hadn't been to our "blue park" in ages so we went this morning.

Does it seem that I am favouring one child over the other? At least in terms of who I am taking pictures of? I feel the need to explain it's because Carson turns his head every time I go to take a picture now. I can sometimes catch him in the middle of doing something, otherwise, if he sees me? He runs away as fast as he can.


Teresa said...

Looks like you managed to squeeze most time out in that tricky sunshine. Baby sure liked the popcycle. Hope Carson has a blast learning the big boy bicycle. Hope the sun makes a return soon.

Anonymous said...

OMG, he is ADORABLE! I totally would have eaten him up by now.;-) I love love love the one of him smiling with his little teeth by the slide. You must wake up every morning and have your heart sing with joy at the sight of those boys.

Christy Ann said...

Hi Christy... thanks for commenting on my blog. I know what you mean about being envious of pregnant women walking around. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and feel a stab of envy, then I remember that I'm 7 months along! Strange...

Are you considering another one????

I'm even thinking of a 3rd next year... but realistically, probably not. I'll be 43 after all, but this pregnancy has been easy so you never know!!! xxx

Sherriemae23 said...

Hi Christy! Great to meet you, my Beckett is 20 months old (OMG) and he is precious, I will post pics of him sooner than later. Thanks for the comment, will follow your blog as well!

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