Saturday, March 20, 2010

Picnic time!

With a forecast of 18 degrees, I had no other choice than to bring the kids out to the beach for a picnic. Carson had wanted to go to the ocean, and this apparently sufficed. For now. He still talks about the ocean in PEI daily so I can't wait till this summer when we finally head out there.

I packed a huge picnic lunch, a mat, towels, drinks, change of clothes, rainboots, toys and of course... my camera. Here we are, in the hot hot sun.

I always love going back to a park you haven't been in a while. It always amazes me to see what Carson can do, that he wasn't able to do the last time. I was sitting on the blanket with Beckett while Carson ran off and did his thing.

The day was SO nice, I didn't even argue with Carson about nap/rest time, so I let him play outside the rest of the afternoon. There were a ton of kids on the street and he had a blast. Nearing supper he was so exhausted and he was a chore the rest of the night and although he would never admit it, I'd say he was pretty happy to get into bed (not as happy as me though!)

The big kids were playing hockey, so I told him to stand back and just watch for a while. I said when the little kids were playing he could play.
He didn't take the news too well.


Teresa said...

Lucky you Saturday was drizzly and cold here. Nice to see the kids and yourself outside enjoying the early Spring weather.

Anonymous said...

So awesome! I love these pics, and I love a good picnic. I'm so excited for summer so we can indulge in lots of them.