Monday, March 08, 2010

Our day today

I think it's pretty much like this across the country - but spring has definitely sprung! It's so nice outside! The snow is melting, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and we spend every minute we can possibly spare outside.

We spend the majority of the time in our driveway - it's somewhere I can leave the babe on his own and play with Carson. He loves just watching us anyways. And in the sun? No complaints there.

And for the first time ever, Carson had someone call on him! The two boys across the street love playing street hockey with him. And after their early afternoon game of street hockey I had Carson come inside for a nap for a little while.

(he's basically given up his nap but I try to get him to have a rest time while Beckett is sleeping - but Beckett doesn't really have an afternoon nap so after about 1/2 hour they are both up, I really dont' want to spend my afternoon inside trying to get boys to sleep instead of simply enjoying our time together)

Then the boys came over, rang the doorbell and asked if he could come out to play! I swear I had little tears in my eyes! He went out to play with them, and then I actually stayed inside to make dinner while he stayed outside. Unsupervised play (by me) with friends! Playing street hockey!


Lara said...

That's so fun! Great that there are kids to play with too! We just moved onto a new street and the youngest "kids" around are 16. Booo. Hopefully the neighbourhood will turn over soon - this is exactly the kind of thing that sounds like so much fun for kids!!

Teresa said...

It has been a wonderful March. How sweet that the boys came to call. Lets hope these sunny days continue.

Angie All The Way said...

I love the idea of having a driveway for the kids to play. Hubs is always talking about how paving ours is now a "priority" so they can safely draw on it with chalk and play hockey and sports :-)

What a wonderful "growing up" moment having requests to come out and play! :-)

Anonymous said...

Now that IS a milestone! What fun. It just feels good to get out with them doesn't it! We're really stoked for more great weather at our house.