Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Doctor appointment today for both boys.

Carson (3 year appt)
34 lbs (50%)
37 inches (75%)

16.9 lbs (just below 50%)
26.5 inches (50%)

Carson just laughed the whole time and said "He's looking in my ears!" "He's looking in my mouth!" "He's tickling my back!"

Beckett was doing just fine until the doctor was at the end of his prodding. He made it to the ears and then Beckett just looked at me and whimpered and just wanted me to hold him. Then the nurse came in with the dreaded needles. She told me to lay him down and try to distract him. I let him play with my hair (he LOVES my hair) and he actually smiled when he got the first needle. The nurse said - wow, that's amazing. But that won't happen with the next one, it stings like the dickens. So the next one went in, Beckett cried twice (like two little wah's) and then he was done and smiling at me again. That kid is so frigging cute - he actually deserves his own post. More tomorrow.

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Teresa said...

Growing like weeds. Both sweet as can be.