Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Claus parade

If I was a good mom and brought my camera last night, you would have seen

Carson's face light up when the first firetruck came down the street
Carson back up two steps when Curious George tried to get a high-five (knowing full well Petra would have followed him for the whole parade!)
Carson standing smushed between two older boys hanging onto the barricade, his nose just barely reaching the top trying to get a look at the parade
Beckett wrapped up tightly on his mom, fast asleep for the whole parade
Carson standing, waiting so patiently for the parade to start
Carson waving at the trucks, cars, motorcycles
Carson looking at me saying "Mommy did you see that ambulance?"
Carson in the back of the car with his legs crossed and hands clasped after the parade talking non stop about what he saw

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