Monday, September 14, 2009

First day of nursery school

And it went better than I could have expected. Actually, I expected it to go quite well. He always exceeds my expectations :)

I had been talking it up for the past week or so, how he was going to be starting school on Monday. He kept asking to go on a school bus and I said no, not till next year. Mommy will be driving you to and from school for now.

I got him all dressed up (for the two hours before school started, he was running around half naked with his knapsack on) and then off to school we went. I brought him in, all the teachers started talking to him, let him in the play area and boom. He was gone. Without even a goodbye to me. I just kind of stood there, not knowing what to do. Do I just leave him? Will he be scared once he realizes I'm not coming in with him? I watched him for a while, watched him interact with the other kids. Watched the teachers talk to him. And then I picked up Beckett and off we went. When I came back, they said he was perfect! There were no tears, he played well, he listened well, he joined in all the activities and was interacting with the other kids. He ran over to me, told me everything he did, grabbed my hand and went towards his shoes.

I couldn't have been more proud. I know it's just nursery school, but it reinforced the fact that we made the right decision. And really, it helped me see that we've made the right choices for him up to now, to become a well rounded little boy who's succeeded in the areas that we feel are important.

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