Monday, May 24, 2010

May Two Four

Was the PERFECT weekend.

Saturday, I turned 35 (WHAT? THIRTY FIVE?) and we had a wonderful lunch on the patio, my boys and me, dinner at Peter's house and it was all topped off with ice cream cake. Very successful birthday!

Sunday we met friends and family at the new water park near our house for a BBQ picnic. It was tons of fun and a great way to celebrate the long weekend and the hot weather.

And to top of an already excellent weekend, we met Nadia and Sean and Sofia at Grandma and Nono's trailer. The kids took a trip around the campsite in their new wagon and said hi to all the neighbours.

After lunch we took the maiden voyage on the new boat! We gathered all our stuff and headed down.
Carson's ready for take off!
Daddy and Beckett getting ready too
Momma and her boys cruising down the lake
Poor Beckett was tired and needed a nap
Sofia and Carson checking out the water
And it was such a hot day that we all jumped in the lake and swam. And Carson did awesome - he was swimming on his own (well, with a lifejacket and pool noodle of course) but Daddy and I were so proud.

It was an absolutely perfect weekend!!


Teresa said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Sounds like a picture perfect weekend. All the best for a wonderful year.

Sonya said...

I don't know what to say here, except WOW. You have won the lottery with your beautiful little family my dear. No matter how hard life gets with the trivial stuff, you should look back at these pictures and remember how the sunshine felt on your face, and how those gorgeous little boys of yours made your heart sing with joy this past weekend. xo

Sonya said...

OMG, and are we ALREADY at 35? I have six months to go, but holy jeez! You'll have to help me breathe into a paper bag over this one, lol!

Anonymous said...

What a fitting family tribute for a special birthday! Lovely shots.