Thursday, February 12, 2009


So tonight I have a million things to do before tomorrow, so while making dinner I asked Carson if he wanted to watch some Thomas. He looked at me and said no, Dora. What? How do you know about Dora? Honestly. We've been out visiting the past couple weeks, but never has the TV been on. There's no TV at daycare, so where the heck did he pick that up?

Then when I turned on TreeHouse there was a preview for a Barney show and Carson exclaimed Barney! Again - what? How do you know who that is?

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desajair said...

Oh, thank goodness we're not the only ones. Kailey did the same thing and we're like "what the heck?" It's EVERYWHERE. Today at the grocery store, we let her pick out her own popsicles, and she was like "DORA!". Ugh. I hate Dora. Dumb Dora. And Kailey, now that she's actually seen an episode, loves it. Thank goodness its a once a week thing here or I'd go insane.