Monday, February 02, 2009

My little shadow

This past few days, I've had a 3 foot shadow follow me where ever I went. And I mean everywhere.

Carson and I were both sick all weekend, although he's a much better patient than I am. No matter how sick he is, he's always happy and smiling, still sleeps like a baby and for the majority eats like normal. The only thing that changes is he turns into a mommy-suck. Even more so than usual.

If we were playing in the living room and I went into the kitchen to, say, get a glass of water. He'd pick up his cars or trucks and say - let's go into the kitchen. Then he'd have a chair pulled up beside me within a matter of minutes. We were downstairs playing with his train table, I left him and his Daddy downstairs and went up to do a few dishes and within minutes he'd come upstairs, pulled up a chair and said Carson help mommy.

It was super sweet, he had to be beside every minute he was awake. I probably wouldn't be using the word sweet if it had lasted longer but ... it didn't :)

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