Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wish us luck

Tonight we are trying to move Carson into a big boy's bed! Well, at teh very least we will be setting it up in his room and asking him if he wants to sleep in it.

We just got back from an insane morning with Sofia, Isabelle and Ethan at Cosmic Adventures. it's a huge indoor playground (and I mean HUGE) and then we ended the morning with a fantastic lunch.

Carson loves playing with his cousins. He also loves indoor (and outdoor, but we haven't seen so much of those lately) playgrounds. We went down teh biggest slides, he had races with his cousins, he played in the ball pit, ran across rope bridges, through the tunnels and all around the place. It was so much fun. I'll post pictures later.


Christy Ann said...

Good luck with that!

Guy is over 3 now and still sleeps in his cot. He loves it! Although he looks very big in it these days.

Will you be finding out the gender of the new bubba and letting us know what names you are considering?

On a personal note: will you be doing any of those tests for genetic abnormalities etc. I think I will, as I'm now 41. :-/

desajair said...

Ohhh, good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

Christy said...

Christy_ann - I think we need to exchange e-mail addresses! We didn't find out what Carson was, so this time I was leaning towards finding out (to experience it both ways?) but now I'm not too sure... so few surprises in life, I think maybe we should just have fun and wait :)

I already took the test (here in Canada it's called IPS - integrated prenatal screening) but really just to get the early ultrasound. I had a miscarriage this summer and wasn't willing to wait till 20 weeks to find out that everything was OK. But I hae one more set of blood tests to do and will hopefully have teh results at my next doc appt Feb 4th.

Do they do them at 12ish weeks over there too??? I assume all testing is the same no matter where we live.

Tarrah - I'm sure I will give up the update first thing in the morning. And I got the bathing suit for you!!