Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow - it's been a while. Soon I shall post some pictures to show you what a wonderful holiday we had.

This morning we had the second ultrasound to see Carson's little brother or sister - who is due on July 21st!

I love having this blog to check back to see how I was feeling/what I was thinking/what we were doing at the same stages of pregnancy with Carson. By now I had 5 dreams that Carson was a boy, and this time I have not a clue. We are super excited and Carson says he's having a brother but if you ask if it's a boy or girl he always says girl. Seems him and his mom feel the same way.


Christy Ann said...




PS: check my blog for some similar news v. v. soon!

Christy said...

What? But I thought.... oooh hopefully spill it soon my friend!