Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School days are upon us

You know the little boy I've been blogging about since the day he was born? Actually - since I was pregnant?

That little boy, my friends, started school today.

He was a little hesitant about going. But he didn't cry, he didn't whine, he walked with his mommy and daddy to school and stood on the orange line. The teacher came out, he put his knapsack on (although it was too big, but that problem was rectified tonight, I went out and bought him a new one) and he went inside without looking back.

I cried.

Then I went shopping, to ummm... distract myself :)

Then we came back, he smiled the biggest smile when his teacher walked him out. He waited until it was his turn and then he ran right into his daddy's arms.

We are so proud of our little junior kindergartener.

Here he is with daddy:

With mommy....
Waiting in line
Heading in!
Beckett waiting for his older brother!


Christy Ann said...

What a big day for everyone!

I think I have been reading along almost from when Carson was born... it seems like yesterday!

Teresa said...

Awww really school already! Hope he has a great year.

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