Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long weekend update

Grammy and Grampy were leaving Florida and came to Ottawa on their way home to PEI. Carson was beyond excited for them to come and we counted down the number of sleeps until they were here.

The weather was beyond beautiful, and we took full advantage of it! Rather then writing about it all, I thought I'd show you through pictures.

Grammy, the boys and I headed to the farm:

Carson LOVES his new soccer ball that Grammy and Grampy gave him:

Our Easter egg hunt took us outside as well as inside (yes, that's Carson using one of Jeff's hat as a basket, definite mommy fail!). He got a baseball bat from the Easter bunny and Jeff took him outside that morning and he smacked a ball over Jeff's head! Born natural?

And I'm not sure where YOU live, but for us? Being in a pool (albeit baby pool) in the first weekend of April is unheard of! The weather was like a hot summer day, it was crazy. But crazy awesome.

Beckett loves water. He gets super excited at bathtime (hates getting his hairwashed, because he'd rather be playing with all the toys) and I was pretty sure he'd love the pool and we had to almost drag the both of them out of there.

He LOVED his Grampy. When he heard his Grampy, no matter where he was, he would stop what he's doing and turn his head every which way until he saw them. And then the smile that would appear on his face? Pure joy.

Auntie Olivia and Uncle Michael visited us as well, but I didn't get any pictures (I blame it on the daquiris) and we all had a lovely dinner (cooked by the visitors!).

Easter Sunday Beckett was baptized. It was a beautiful day and we didn't have a full service, only a baptism ceremony with just our family. Father Joe is the one who married Jeff and I, baptized Carson in a garden, and I was quite happy that he was able to baptize Beckett too (we only asked him 4 months ago, and he agreed to do it on Easter Sunday, awesome!).

Big brother Carson all dressed up for the baptism
Carrie: Fairy Godmother!

Godparents Auntie Carrie and Uncle Rob
Mommy, Daddy and our boy about to be baptized.

6 of the 7 grandchildren
Auntie Olivia, Uncle Michael, Grammy, Grampy and us!

Father Joe, godparents, grandparents and us.

After the baptism was Easter dinner at Mom and Ricky's. As you can see, I spent most of my time outside (Beckett had a great, long nap (90 minutes!) so, great nap for him) so my pictures are of everyone playing outside and going on an Easter egg hunt.

So as you can see we had a wonderful weekend, jam packed with family, friends and the outdoors. We were sad to see Grammy and Grampy go, but we are already talking about how excited we are for PEI this summer.


Grammy said...

Love your report on Baptism & our visit. You do such a great job writing it all down. Miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Beautiful memories! So happy the weekend and Beckett's special day were as you hoped.