Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The only problem with

Carson loving his cousins so much is it makes it so hard to leave their house!  We went over for supper and Carson played non-stop with his cousins.  it's so much fun now, we can be inside the house and the kids are all outside playing with whatever.  Uncle Rob made a fort they were playing in, Isabelle and Ethan can help him in and out of the trampoline and carry his big wheel from the bottom of the hill to the top.  He loves eating wth them, following them around and doing everything they do.

But when it's time to leave, he loses it.  He hates leaving them.  I give him like 5 warnings that we are leaving.  So finally I have to bite the bullet and just get him to go.  He begs to stay, he cries, he pulls away and tries everything in his power to get me to let him stay  It would be cute if it wasn't so not cute. 


Malinda said...

what an awesome family you have to be so close!

It's too bad Carson didn't already understand that he'll have a new friend who'll always be with him very soon.

Loukia said...

Oh my goodness, my oldest son is so much like that when he visits his cousins... it's so sad how heartbroken he gets when I say it is time to leave... he cries, gets so upset, temper tantrums, the whole bit!